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Our Growers

Bringing delicious coffee to life is a journey that allows us to know more about our partners and growers, reaching to their communities and learning about their origins and their activity.

Our growers are from various regions around the world, but our coffee is roasted right here in our 120 kg Probat roaster. Our coffee is sourced from the world’s finest coffee estates and roasted to the highest and most consistent standards. From blends to microlot single origins.


Ethical and Sustainable

These two words are important to us. We believe in an ethical and sustainable approach to our coffee and our business.

Not only is our coffee NASSA certified organic, rainforest alliance certified but our true relationship program ensures that from ‘crop to cup’ the relationship from grower to buyer is a nurtured experience.

Installations of solar panels, underground water storage, LED lighting and window tinting in our building have helped on our quest to reduce our environmental footprint along with biodegradable packing, re-using boxes and donating coffee grinds to the local gardeners.

Some of our best quality growers are from the regions below:




Costa Rica