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Our Team

We live and breath everything coffee

Our mission is to bring great coffee to you, whatever your needs are. From Cafe, to home, to office. Whether you want espresso coffee, filter, plunger, percolator, or coffee out of an automatic machine we have developed a blend to suit your requirements.

Daniel Wilson



For me personally, building lasting relationship with my customers and chatting to people about good coffee is what really motivates me. It is such a personal experience! I have been in the industry for over 10 years now and have seen many changes in this time. These changes have been driven by our customers who push us to create better and more consistent coffee and I love this. I enjoy the roasting process, cupping, training and providing constant education to customers and staff so that they can enjoy the nuances of coffee as much as I do.

When creating Above Ground we had to ask ourselves, who do we want to sell our coffee to?

The answer was fairly simple – Everyone! Not because we are greedy, but because we are so passionate about what we do.

Coffee is a personal experience. From espresso, to filter, to aeropress, to percolator , to automatic machine made coffee, people like different things. The one thing we will not do is capsule coffee.



Scott’s main role at Above Ground is to service our customer equipment to keep the coffee flowing at its best. Scott has an extensive technical background, and is more than competent in repairing Espresso machines, grinders and Super automatic coffee machines. He is also known to jump behind the machine and pump out some mean coffee shots when required. A recent stint at a trade show, saw him pump out 7kg’s of spectacular coffees in just over 4 hours. He is good for a laugh, loves a joke and has even had a go at stand up comedy! So if you have any good jokes, let him know.

Scott Catlin

Coffee is very personal

People do not drink coffee the same way, using the same coffee making process. Part of our journey has been to develop different blends and Single origin coffees to suit different applications. From Espresso, to filter, to aeropress, to plunger to automatic machine made coffee – we are here for you!




Jackie is the glue that holds the team together. She is the friendly voice that answers the phone most days and does everything from helping with coffee orders to scheduling the technicians and following up to make sure everything is running as it should.

Jackie always loves a chat so feel free to give her a call. Oh, and she is the master of the 80’s cappuccino….but that’s a whole other story.



Jennie is in charge of the money side of things, and she does a good job of keeping us in line and paperwork up to date.

She is adept and hearing the grinder from her upstairs office and we can pretty much count the seconds from when the grinder starts to when she arrives next to machine, asking if it’s coffee time.