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120kg Probat

When we decided to get into coffee roasting, we wanted to make sure that we did it right. We are roasting on a German Engineered 12okg probat roaster. This roaster produces a unique radiant heat from the soft cast iron metal body and has great heat-transfer from the heat-chamber underneath the roaster drum. The computerised thermostat and pneumatic controls result in perfect precision and repeated consistency down to 0.1 of a degree; every time.

Our blends also are post blended so that we can bring out the nuances of each bean origin.

15kg Geisen

We also roast on our 15kg Geisen roaster. We use this for our high single origin coffee program and for testing out our new blends all to international specialty coffee standards.

We use a state of the art packing process, using our propack bagging machine. Our coffee is nitrogen flushed when packed, allowing the bag more time to develop its flavour. This process also assists in increasing the product shelf life. We do however, still recommend keeping within our specified date range to ensure that you are drinking the coffee the optimal time.

Above Ground, along with Coffee Machines and Beans, provide a comprehensive partner package, beginning with passionately roasted and blended gourmet coffee – state of the art espresso machines by La Marzocco and La Nuova Era as well as a range of grinders to suit your needs. We offer regular servicing, machine calibration, taste profiling and complimentary barista training and accreditation.

Roaster and ProPack