Roasting coffee is an art form and flavour consistency is the key. Careful consideration of roasting equipment and in-house systems are vital to ensuring that our coffee is top quality at all times. 

120kg Brambati

Our blends are roasted on an Italian made 120kg Brambati roaster. Our Brambati Roasting set up is the most technically advanced in the world and ensures we can produce consistently good coffee throughout the year. The cooling tray is completely covered, for hygiene reasons, and is rare to see in roasting plants in Australia.

Green Bean Cleaning and Storage

Coffee arrives from plantations in a variety of different packaging and has passed through many hands on its journey to us. Before being stored in the bean silos, our green beans are cleaned in our green bean cleaning station. This is to eliminate foreign flavours in our coffee, such as hessian sack fibres, before the coffee reaches the roaster. The only flavours we want coming through our coffee are those that originate from our green beans. This is just one of the many quality control systems we have put in place to maintain the consistency of our flavour profile.