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Eureka Oro Single Dose Grinder

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Eureka Oro Single Dose: Elevate Your Home Coffee with Exceptional Grind Quality

Imagine transforming your home coffee experience with a grinder that delivers exceptional grind quality and consistency, unlocking the full potential of your coffee beans. The Eureka Oro Single Dose is the perfect companion for discerning coffee lovers who seek the finest in home brewing.

Unparalleled Grind Quality for Exceptional Coffee

The heart of the Eureka Oro Single Dose lies in its 65mm flat Diamond Inside® burrs, crafted from pure diamond for unmatched durability and sharpness. These burrs produce remarkably consistent grind particles, ensuring optimal extraction and a flavourful cup of coffee every time.

Zero Retention for Freshness and Flavour

Experience the epitome of freshness with the Eureka Oro Single Dose's innovative ELR System (Extremely Low Retention). This system minimises grind retention, ensuring that only the freshest grounds make it into your portafilter, eliminating the risk of stale or over-extracted coffee.

Manual Dosing for Single Serve Perfection

Embrace the simplicity and precision of manual dosing with the Eureka Oro Single Dose. The included dosing cup allows you to precisely measure the desired amount of coffee for single-serve brewing, eliminating waste and ensuring perfectly balanced espresso shots.

Silent Operation for Uninterrupted Coffee Moments

Savour your coffee without disturbing your surroundings. The Eureka Oro Single Dose is engineered with sound-insulating technology, effectively minimising noise levels so you can grind your coffee beans in peace.

Features that Enhance Your Coffee Experience

  • Micrometric adjustment: Achieve the perfect grind size with precise adjustments, tailoring your grind to your preferred brewing method.
  • 320-watt motor: Enjoy powerful and consistent grinding performance
  • Direct Revolutions per minute (RPM) of 1650: Experience efficient grinding speed for quick and convenient coffee preparation.
  • Hopper capacity of 45g: Ideal for single-serve brewing.
  • Compact design: Fits seamlessly into your kitchen counter.
  • Durable construction: Built to last with high-quality materials.

Upgrade Your Coffee Routine

The Eureka Oro Single Dose is more than just a coffee grinder; it's an investment in your daily coffee ritual. With its exceptional grind quality, minimal retention, and user-friendly features, the Eureka Oro Single Dose will elevate your home coffee experience and transform your daily coffee moments into a true coffee connoisseur's delight.


  • Burrs: Flat Diameter 65mm -Material Pure Diamond (patented Eureka)
  • Dosing: Manual
  • Direct Revolutions per minute: 1650
  • Power: 320 watt
  • Micrometric adjustment: Yes
  • Silent Technology: Yes
  • Single Dose: Yes
  • Hopper Included + Mignon Blow Up: Yes
  • Dosing cup Included: Yes
  • Hopper capacity: 45g
  • Productivity (g/s): 2.3 - 2.8 Espresso - 2.8 - 3.3 Brew
  • Height: 321mm x Width: 128mm x Depth: 260mm
  • Weight: 7.2 kg

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      Eureka Oro Single Dose Grinder

      $1,250.00 Regular price $1,500.00


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