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Eureka Specialita Grinder

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Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder: Elevate Your Home Coffee Experience

Enhance Your Coffee Routine with Precision Grinding

The Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder is your gateway to exceptional coffee experiences at home. This premium grinder boasts a range of innovative features that will transform your daily coffee ritual, ensuring you savour the rich flavours and aromas of freshly ground coffee beans.

Effortless Grinding with Touchscreen Control

Equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen display, the Specialita allows you to effortlessly program single or double shots of coffee, directly grinding your beans into your portafilter. This hands-free operation streamlines your coffee preparation, making it a breeze to craft café-quality espresso shots.

Unparalleled Grind Consistency with Stepless Adjustment

The Specialita's stepless micrometric adjustment system, patented by Eureka, provides unparalleled grind consistency, allowing you to fine-tune the grind size with an unmatched level of precision. This ensures optimal extraction, unlocking the full flavour potential of your coffee beans.

Minimal Grind Retention for the Perfect Grind

The Specialita's innovative ACE System (Anti-Clumps & Electrostatic) minimises grind retention, ensuring that you receive only the freshest grounds for every brew. This results in a cleaner, more flavourful cup of coffee, free from stale or over-extracted grounds.

Versatility for All Brewing Methods

Whether you're an espresso enthusiast or prefer pour-over or French press, the Specialita caters to your every brewing need. The all-purpose adjustable "hands-free" fork accommodates a variety of portafilter sizes, while the stepless grind adjustment system allows you to tailor the grind size to your chosen brewing method.

Silent Technology for Undisturbed Coffee Moments

Enjoy your coffee without disturbing your surroundings. The Specialita's sound-insulated casing and special grinding burrs effectively minimise noise, allowing you to grind your coffee beans in peace.

Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance

The Specialita's "High Speed" maintenance feature makes cleaning a breeze. With a simple twist of the burr carrier, you can easily access the grinding chamber for cleaning and maintenance.

Touchscreen Convenience and Control

The Specialita's touchscreen display provides intuitive control over your grinding experience. Easily adjust grind settings, program doses, and monitor the grinding process with just a few taps.

55mm Burrs for Enhanced Productivity

The Specialita's 55mm burrs deliver exceptional grinding performance, ensuring you can quickly grind the perfect amount of coffee for your needs.

Invest in Your Coffee Experience

The Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder is an investment in your coffee experience. With its exceptional features, unparalleled grind consistency, and user-friendly design, the Specialita will elevate your home coffee routine and transform your daily coffee moments into a true coffee connoisseur's delight.

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Eureka Specialita Grinder

$850.00 Regular price $968.00


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