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Dimension2 Group

30 years of History - A Timeless Icon Evolved for the Future

The Linea Classic S is a true industry icon that has undergone continuous evolution based on invaluable feedback from baristas over the past three decades. As a proud member of the Linea Family, the Classic S stands out for its barista-friendly design, unwavering consistency, and unparalleled reliability across all settings.

New Features: Elevating Barista Experience and Machine Reliability

The introduction of innovative features not only enhances the barista's coffee-making journey but also reinforces the exceptional standards set by this legendary machine. With its timeless legacy in the world of specialty coffee, the Classic S has been future-proofed to deliver unmatched performance, exceptional durability, and consistently great coffee.


  • Pro-App Compatible - The Linea Classic S offers seamless compatibility with the pro-app, granting baristas unparalleled control over the machine. This functionality also allows for effortless future improvements to be integrated without the need for additional hardware.
  • Contemporary Electronics - The Classic S boasts updated electronics that prioritize longevity and simplicity. By replacing limited lifespan electromechanical controls with solid-state electronics, the machine ensures a longer lifespan while simplifying operation and maintenance.
  • Shot Timer - Equipped with a built-in shot timer, the Linea Classic S empowers baristas with precise control over every espresso. With a quick glance, baristas can confidently adjust the parameters to achieve the perfect shot every time, ensuring consistency and customer satisfaction.
  • Four Programmable Functions - The Linea Classic S features an intuitive three-button interface, allowing baristas to program and save four distinct volumetric functions per group. Different functions can be accessed effortlessly through short or long button presses, enabling quick customisation and adaptation to varying coffee recipes and preferences.
  • ½ Turn Steam Valve - The Classic S now boasts a steam valve that fully opens with just a half turn, significantly reducing the movement required by baristas to steam milk. This ergonomic improvement enhances efficiency and comfort, streamlining the workflow and enabling baristas to focus more on perfecting their craft.

The Linea Classic S's enduring legacy is a testament to its unmatched contribution to the world of specialty coffee. With the integration of these new features, this industry icon continues to raise the bar for performance, durability, and the overall coffee experience. By embracing modern technology and user-friendly design, the Linea Classic S ensures that baristas can confidently create exceptional coffee, while also setting new standards for reliability and convenience in the industry.


Model 2 Group  3 Group
Height (mm) 445
Width (mm) 690
Depth (mm) 585
Weight (kg) 59

200V Single Phase
220V Single / 3 Phase
380V 3 Phase

200V Single Phase
220V Single / 3 Phase
380V 3 Phase
Wattage Min 3350 4930
Wattage Max 5670 7790
Coffee Boiler (L) 3.4 5
Steam Boiler (L) 7 11

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