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Pesado Precision Basket 18-22gm


PESADO Coffee Filter Baskets: Precision Engineering for Exceptional Espresso

In the pursuit of espresso perfection, every detail matters. That's why PESADO, in collaboration with IMS, has meticulously crafted coffee filter baskets designed to elevate your espresso experience to new heights.

Unparalleled Precision for Consistent Extraction

PESADO's unwavering commitment to precision is evident in every aspect of these exceptional baskets. Each basket is meticulously engineered with an increased number of precisely spaced, funnel-shaped holes, ensuring uniform water distribution and unparalleled extraction consistency. The holes extend to the very edge of the basket, maximizing coverage across the entire puck for optimal extraction.

Electro-Polished for Exceptional Performance

The electro-polished surface of the baskets and within the holes guarantees a smooth, frictionless finish, minimising filter clogging and wear on components. This meticulous attention to detail ensures long-lasting performance and consistent results, cup after cup.

Anti-Wear Design for Extended Durability

PESADO's commitment to quality extends beyond precision to durability. The anti-wear design and lightweight construction of these baskets make them remarkably resilient, outlasting similar products by nearly double.

Elevate Your Espresso Experience with PESADO

When you choose PESADO coffee filter baskets, you're not just investing in precision engineering; you're investing in the potential to create exceptional espresso every time. Experience the difference that precision, consistency, and durability can make in your espresso journey.

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Pesado Precision Basket 18-22gm



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